• Sales team will be well-trained about the products and will be given an on-sight training for better marketing and technical knowledge for the betterment of the customer and the company.

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  • Masaha Co will also provide technical training for operators on or off-site. Our comprehensive training equips operators with high-level machine operation and maintenance skills. This can be for new equipment induction, technology upgrades training, new personnel training or simply refreshing and building experience.

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  • Masaha company provides a customized service plan to assure optimal maintenance and testing of its products and includes assuring spare parts supply availability, performing periodic follow-ups, performing energy audits and providing technology support for improvement studies.

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Established in 2016, Masaha Heavy Equipment is a part of the reputed Fouad Alghanim & Sons group of companies. It was created with the aim to provide equipment and solutions for construction, forestry, mining, and utility industries. Masaha combines the true spirit of entrepreneurship along with expert industry experience and has become a leader in its sector.

In only a short while since our inception, Masaha has been positioned as Kuwait’s largest construction and infrastructure equipment company. By leveraging our expertise and continuous efforts, we cater to our customers’ vastly different needs across diverse regions. We offer sales, rental, and onsite servicing across Kuwait and the region, using top-of-the-line heavy duty equipment brands.

So, if you’re looking for turnkey solutions with world-class equipment brands, look no further than Masaha! Our fleet of more than 2,400 machines and state-of-the-art equipment, along with our techno-commercial capabilities ensure that we meet all critical site requirements in construction projects. Safety, quality, and eco-friendly processes make up the pillars of our operations.

We carefully assess your requirements to address and fulfill all your project-specific equipment needs. Our skilled team is happy to assist you in the process of choosing between new or well-maintained used machinery from top manufacturers. Our professional operations crew is well-experienced to provide complete operational and maintenance solutions for your project.

At Masaha, we believe in adding value to your business through scheduled maintenance plans and extensive inventory backup, so you can obtain maximum productivity of the equipment rented or sold through us.

Our mission

Since the beginning, Masaha has been on a mission to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers from across industries and geographies. We have dedicated ourselves to constant improvement in order to achieve our goals consistently. As a distributor of heavy equipment, we do not settle for less than being your #1 solutions provider in the construction and utility industries.

Our Vision

Masaha is here to make our mark in the region! Our confidence in our expertise and an intricate understanding of the heavy equipment industry guide our vision. We move steadfast on this journey with our customer-first mindset – customizing solutions to meet individual requirements. Our expertly trained staff is our core strength, and keeps us delivering consistently reliable and sustainable equipment and services every single time.

Our Goal

To be a leader in providing the highest level of quality construction services. We build reliability into everything we do. MASAHA is working continuously.

Our Values



Masaha has formed alliances and became an official dealer for many global heavy equipment brands like SANY, HELI, WEICHAI and SKYBOOM. These alliances have placed Masaha as a strategic One-Stop Hub for a wide range of state of the art heavy equipment and machinery from forklifts, trucks, drum rollers, excavators, and cranes to name a few. Our equipment and heavy-duty machinery will provide our customers with excellent performance, maximum productivity, accuracy, reliability, and guaranteed durability.

In addition to our Global Performance Excellence Award-winning equipment, we will get all your inquiries covered 24/7 with our alert service team and dedicated sales consultants, providing you with maximum coverage. We promise from proposal to service or equipment delivery, we make sure to stay strict to the promised lead time to Deliver. Also, we believe in Continuous improvement, we always focus our sight on exceeding our customers’ expectations. And to achieve this primary goal, we efficiently utilize the data collected from our quality assurance program, clients’ feedback, and lessons learned from the field to create our own best practice scenarios in performance optimization.

At Masaha, your business diversity is the fuel to our Diversity commitment goal. And to ensure this we grow on different levels, people and business sectors. We encourage our people to bring in their ideas, best practices, and creativity to enrich our way of doing business. Their uniqueness gives us a distinctive advantage. Also, we serve different industries, which brings in the necessary challenge for us to grow and take a more well-rounded approach with every challenge.

To ensure your business runs smoothly, we adopt a Flat management Structure, which unlike hierarchical management structures, Masaha enjoys a shared decision-making process and two-way horizontal communication links throughout the organization. The obvious benefit of such a flat organizational structure is creating a well-informed environment; in which we share responsibility and knowledge to better serve our customers openly and in a timely manner. Whenever you contact Masaha, and whomever you contact at Masha, your site requirements are directly met.

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