Why Masaha

Masaha has formed alliances and became an official dealer for many global heavy equipment brands like SANY, and FOTON, HELI, WEICHAI & SHACMAN. These alliances have placed Masaha as a strategic One-Stop Hub for a wide range of state of the art heavy equipment and machinery from forklifts, trucks, drum rollers, excavators, and cranes to name a few. Our equipment and heavy-duty machinery will provide our customers with excellent performance, maximum productivity, accuracy, reliability, and guaranteed durability.

In addition to our Global Performance Excellence Award-winning equipment, we will get all your inquiries covered 24/7 with our alert service team and dedicated sales consultants; providing you with maximum Coverage. We promise from proposal to service or equipment delivery, we make sure to stay strict to the promised lead time to Deliver. Also, we believe in Continuous improvement; we always focus our sight on exceeding our customers' expectations. And to achieve this primary goal, we efficiently utilize the data collected from our quality assurance program, clients' feedback, and lessons learned from the field to create our own best practice scenarios in performance optimization.

At Masaha, your business diversity is the fuel to our Diversity commitment goal. And to ensure this we grow on different levels; people and business sectors. We encourage our people to bring in their ideas, best practices, and creativity to enrich our way of doing business. Their uniqueness gives us a distinctive advantage. Also, we serve different industries; which brings in the necessary challenge for us to grow and take a more well-rounded approach with every challenge.

To ensure your business runs smoothly, we adopt a Flat management Structure, which unlike hierarchical management structures; Masaha enjoys a shared decision-making process and two-way horizontal communication links throughout the organization. The obvious benefit of such a flat organizational structure is creating a well-informed environment; in which we share responsibility and knowledge to better serve our customers openly and in a timely manner. Whenever you contact Masaha, and whomever you contact at Masha, your site requirements are directly met.

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