SYG5360THB 49

Chassis brand:: BENZ

Vertical Reach:: 48.6 m

Output:: 170m³/h

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Dimensions Length 12500 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 4000 mm
Empty Weight 36450 kg
Boom & Outrigger Vertical Reach 48.6 m
Horizontal reach 43.6 m
Reach depth 30.8 m
Unfold Reach 13.9 m
1 st Section-Length 9760 mm
1st Section-Articulation 89°
2nd Section-Length 7670 mm
2nd Section-Articulation 180°
3rd Section-Length 7410 mm
3rd Section-Articulation 180°
4th Section-Length 9670 mm
4th Section-Articulation 235°
5th Section-Length 10060 mm
5th Section-Articulation 215°
Rotation ±360°
Outrigger spread L-R-Front 9300 mm
Outrigger spread L-R-Rear 9620 mm
Pumping System Output (Low/High-pressure) 170/120 m³/h
Pressure (Low/High-pressure) 8.3/12 Mpa
Max. strokes per minute (Low/High-pressure) 29/19 times/min
Delivery cylinder diameter 260 mm
Stroke length 1900 mm
Hydraulic system Open
Hydraulic system pressure 32 Mpa
Hydraulic tank capacity 680 L
Water tank capacity 620 L
End hose length 3 m
End hose diameter 125 mm
Pipe size 125 mm
Chassis Chassis model BENZ Actros 4141
Engine model OM501LA.Ⅲ/17
Engine power 300/1800 kW/rpm
Emissions Euro Ⅲ
Fuel tank capacity 400 L
Displacement 11.946 L
Max.speed 80 km/h
Brake distance ≤10/30 m/km/h


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