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A new generation, high profile, power house

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Super power

Imported Isuzu engine. Rated power is up to 300kw.

Strong adaptability

With fuel tank self-filtration system and fuel – level filter system, to ensure cleanliness of each drop fuel. In this way, the fuel adaptability is higher.

Control system with independent intellectual property

Optimizing power matching, adaptability of high temperature, heavy load and highland. Less fuel consumption for same operation case.

Independent heat dissipation system

Ensure the optimum temperature of hydraulic system under the condition of high temperature and heavy load.

Design for mine

Ensure the reliability of key structure under heavy load condition. Main structures are all used finite element analysis, IIW International standard/AISC Japanese standard are adopted. Design is more reliable. Adopting comprehensive test and verification system for whole machine and every part, the reliable of machine is much higher.


Engine Engine model Isuzu 6WG1XKSC-01
Rated power 300/1800 kW/rpm
Emission standard Tier 3
Operation Range Operating weight 49500 kg
Undercarriage/Working Device Std. track shoe width 600 mm
Bucket capacity 2.2 m³
Boom length 7.0 m
Arm length 3 m
Bucket digging force 287kN
Arm digging force 245kN


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