130 ton Truck Crane

Max. Lifting Capacity: 130t

Boom Length: 60m

Overall Weight: 54950kg

Simultaneous vertical and horizontal transport

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Durable and economical, SANY SYT315(T7530-16) tower crane is widely used at major construction sites, lifting steel, generators, large tools and other building materials. Our 16 ton tower crane adopts high-end configuration and advanced technologies to ensure their high performance, safety, easy operation and maintenance.

Powerful Lifting Capacity

The 130 ton truck crane adopts six-section boom of high strength steel structure and optimized U-shaped cross section with max.lifting capacity of 130t, full-extended boom length of 60m, jib length of 18.1m, max.lifting height including jib of 78.1m, reduce weight and improve safety significantly.

Jib mounting angles are 0°, 15°, and 30°, which ensure fast and convenient change-over between different operating conditions so as to improve working efficiency of the machine.

Efficient & Unique Hydraulic System

Self-developed dual-pump converging / diversion main valve is used. Converging flow of the single-action dual-pump ensures fast operation and high efficiency; combined-action dual-pump diversion system is applied to ensure stable controllability;

Electric proportional variable displacement piston pump is used to ensure high-accurate flow control, higher efficiency and energy saving.

Excellent Traveling Performance

5-axle chassis with multiple braking modes are applied to provide more reliable traveling performance; The use of tipping over early-warning technology guarantees high stable and safe operation.

Intelligent Electronic Control

Self-developed controller SYMC special for engineering machinery is configured. The adoption of CAN-bus full-digital network control technology ensures stable control signal, simple harness, and high reliability. Timely feedback of data information can achieve the monitoring of the overall working status in real time.

The Load Moment Limiter

Equipped with the comprehensive intelligent protection system is used with accuracy within 3%. The adoption of comprehensive logic and interlock control system ensures more safe and reliable operation.

More Safe Devices

Main and auxiliary winches are equipped with over roll-out limiter to prevent over rolling-out of wire rope.

Boom and jib ends are equipped with height limiters respectively to prevent over-hoisting of wire rope.

Hydraulic system is configured with the balance valve, overflow valve and two-way hydraulic lock etc., to ensure stable and reliable operation.


Capacity Max. lifting capacity 130t
Dimensions Overall length 15485mm
Overall width 3000mm
Overall height 4000mm
Axles 5
Axle distance-1,2 1980mm
Axle distance-2,3 3120mm
Axle distance-3,4 1450mm
Axle distance -4, 5 1500mm
Weight Overall weight 54950kg
Front axle load 9475/9475kg
Rear axle load 13000/13000/10000kg
Engine Model BENZ
Rated power 350kw/1800rpm
Rated torque 2300 N.m/1080 rpm
Emission standard Euro Ⅲ
Traveling Max. traveling speed 85 km/h
Min.turning radius 11m
Min.turning radius of boom head 14m
Drive train 10 × 6 × 6
Min. ground clearance 310mm
Approach angle 21 °
Departure angle 18°
Max. gradeability 38%
Fuel consumption per 100km ≤ 80L
Main Performance Temperature range – 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Min.lifting radius 3m
Tail swing radius of superstructure 4.74m
Boom section 6
Boom shape U-shaped
Max. lifting moment-Base boom 5160kN·m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom 2156kN·m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom+jib 1320kN·m
Length-Base boom 13.3m
Length-Full-extend boom 60m
Length-Full-extend boom+jib 78.1m
Outrigger span(Longitudinal/Transversal) 7.6×7.6m
Jib offset 0 ° 15 ° 30 °
Working Speed Max. single rope lifting speed of main winch(no load) 135m/min
Max. single rope lifting speed of auxiliary winch(no load) 123m/min
Full extend/retract time of boom 480 / 500s
Full raise/lower time of boom 60 / 110s
Swing speed 1.6 r/min
Aircondition HVAC in up cab Cooling / Heating
HVAC in low cab Cooling / Heating


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