OUR Vision

Masaha Covering the World!

We derive the vision from our confidence in our knowledge and deep understanding of the heavy equipment industry. Charged with customer-oriented spirit, we move towards our vision steadily by customizing our solutions to our customers' needs. With the competent, skillful staff at the core of Masaha, we can surely deliver reliable and sustainable equipment and services right on time.


At Masaha Heavy equipment, meeting the unique requirements of diverse customers’ base is our mission. And this can only be achieved by dedicating our efforts to continuous improvements to our products and services.

As a global distributor for heavy equipment, we do not settle for less than being your number one solutions provider in the construction, forestry, mining, and utility industries.


To be a leader in providing the highest level of quality construction services. We build reliability into everything we do. MASAHA is working continuously to ensure that we continue to be best-in-class in heavy equipment .and after sales and spare parts.


• Safety: with our eyes fixated on zero-tolerance for accidents' goal; we choose to work safe, firstly and foremost.

• Truthfulness: we grow our business by reinforcing the values of honesty and integrity with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

• Respect: we take on our responsibility to treat everyone, and take all opinions with courtesy.

• Performance: we achieve our leading position in the market by encouraging our employees to aim high. We construct an environment of motivation and passion; to exceed our customers’ expectations.

• Recognition: we celebrate our employees' achievements and make them feel heard and seen.

• Lifestyle: we reinforce the need for work-life balance for our employees; to be able to meet and exceed their business requirements.

• Community: No one can thrive in isolation. Hence, our community's causes are our causes. And its concerns are important to us.

• Attitude: with optimism & dedication ingrained at heart, we reflect safety, truthfulness, respect, performance, recognition, lifestyle, and community in the way we carry out business.

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